Wednesday, February 24, 2021


  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021
    This list marks 20 years since we began compiling an annual selection of the year’s…
  • Checkout Skimmers Powered by Chip Cards
    Easily the most sophisticated skimming devices made for hacking terminals at retail self-checkout lanes are…
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  • More than 150 CEOs issue a public letter to Congress, asking lawmakers to quickly pass… Read more »




  • Anthem 2.0 Canceled By BioWareAnthem 2.0 Canceled By BioWare
    Anthem launched almost exactly two years ago, and the launch was rough. Many fans who saw the potential in the original version have been waiting… Read more »
  • Dota 2 Update - February 19th, 2021
    - Fixed the interaction of Earthshaker's Aghanim's Shard and a few other hero spells that blocked pathing (notably Nature's Prophet's Sprout). Earthshaker cannot walk through… Read more »
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  • Curse of the Dead Gods ReviewCurse of the Dead Gods Review
    Curse of the Dead Gods is an excellent roguelite that bolsters its fantastic combat with an added level of strategy thanks to the unique curse/corruption… Read more »
  • Anthem redesign canceled at BioWareAnthem redesign canceled at BioWare
    Image: BioWare/Electronic ArtsBioWare and EA end work on ‘Anthem Next’ BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts are giving up on Anthem. The planned overhaul of the… Read more »
  • The MCU Probably Won't Go R-Rated Any Time SoonThe MCU Probably Won't Go R-Rated Any Time Soon
    During a panel interview with the Television Critics Association, Marvel Studios CCO Kevin Feige confirmed that while they have begun "working with Deadpool," a famously… Read more »

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